One of thebest parts of being in Real Estate is that showing homes you get to see lots ofreally cool ideas… and sometimes some really bad ideas. While, I love thecharm of older homes, I also think it’d be amazing to build your own home. Thatway you can incorporate all of the funky gadgets and things you want. RecentlyI saw a list called 14Items All Your Kitchen Dreams Are Made Of, and let me tellyou… there were some seriously cool gadgets. So, of course, I had to bring you my favorite 5!

For the Wino – Anyone who know me knows that I love wine.In my house we go through a bottle of wine a week at minimum. So, what wouldcomplete my kitchen? A WineStation Pristine Plus WinePreservation System. Oh yeah… you heard me! According to thewebsite, Napa Technology hascreated the Wine Station Pristine PLUS as an exquisite wine serving solutionthat lets you enjoy the freshest wine, each and every time. This sophisticated,professional quality, temperature-controlled system is perfect for keeping yourpremium wines in pristine condition allowing you to enjoy the freshest wine anytime you choose. I’ll take one please!

For theCoffee Addict – Accordingto Kitchen & Bath Ideas, “General Electric Co. will launch a new refrigerator that brewsa single cup of coffee and dispenses steaming water for instant soups andoatmeal starting this fall.” The refrigerator aptly namedthe GE Cafe’ Series will be partnering with Keurig to provide this stateof the art technology.

For theCooks with Small Spaces – Honestly not sure why anyonehasn’t come up with this yet, but it’s genius. The Contemporary Retractable Wall-Mount Pot Filler Faucet is perfect for people with small sinks or whojust can’t lift a giant pot of water out of the sink anymore. This justreminds me of my grandma trying to fill the giant tub to make spaghetti for thefamily. In her older age… it was hard for her. Well, no more struggle Gramswith this fancy faucet.

For theSpace Saver – There areactually several really cool items here to discuss. First, hidden storage whichconceals your knives and your outlets below the counter space. hasthe S-Box System for Knife Organization which hides in your counter. Witha simple touch it raises up revealing your knives. Similarly, the KitchenWorktop Pop Up Power Outlet can be found on E-Bay. If you never have enough outlets in your kitchen, but don’twant to coat your backsplash with hideous wall outlets, this might be theperfect option for you.

For theChef– How manytimes have you been cutting food and need to throw the extras in the trash?Lots, right? Well, now you can try the Touch-bar Trash Can. Simply touch it with you knee orelbow and it opens right up. No more pedals that won’t work or dirty trashcans. Make cooking easier and less messy. Love this! What else do I love?Chicken… rotisserie chicken to be specific. Try the FlambergeRotisserie to make yourown fresh chicken at home. Just looking at this chicken is making my mouthwater. According to their website, ”Juicescollect in the Maison La Cornue drip tray below, a perfect way to flavoraccompanying vegetables.”

Are youinspired? I know I am… and ready for a renovation. So, next time you arethinking about remodeling your kitchen, keep some of these fun gadgets in mind.And, if you want to see the top 14 on the list, check out the Huff Post Home article for more inspiration.

Lindsay Vassar
Director of Client Services