We all have seen the signs as we drive through neighborhoods, “For Sale By Owner.” Often owners feel that they will save themselves money and time by selling their home on their own. In reality it’s just not true.

Buying a home is the biggest investment one can make… it gets emotional and messy. So, our response to those who think they want to sell their house on their own is – “If you needed open heart surgery would you just do it yourself?” Most of you are shaking your head no. Right? You would defer to the expert. The same goes for buying and selling. Agents train, study and have the knowledge and expertise to help you negotiate and sell your home.

Statistics also show, that even with paying an agent to sell your home, you will actually net more!

And, if you don’t believe us, check these 8 reasons Investopedia feels you should use an agent to sell your house.

  1. Buyers’ agents may not want to show your property to their clients.
  2. It’s harder to keep your emotions out of the sale.
  3. It’s not your full-time job.
  4. Agents have a larger network than you do.
  5. You subject yourself to needless showings.
  6. Negotiating the sale is tricky and awkward.
  7. You can’t see what’s wrong with your home.
  8. You put yourself at risk of being sued.

To read the full article in detail, visit their website.

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