Edgewater is a thriving neighborhood that is situated at the western shore of the quaint Sloan’s Lake. It has a small atmosphere vibe that has close proximity to Downtown Denver. There are over five thousand residents in this beautiful community that is secured with high quality civic leadership and public services. This results to a safe and clean neighborhood that is ideal for everyone.

Edgewater has a comprehensive plan that will bring further economic and residential growth to locals and businesses alike, which makes the place perfect for the career-driven adults too.

Quick History: The history of Edgewater, Colorado is closely tied to the development of Sloan’s Lake. The lake was created in 1861 when Thomas Sloan, hoping to farm the area, dug a well that overflowed and flooded 200 acres. The City’s name ‘Edgewater’ was derived from its proximity to the water’s edge.

By the turn of the century, Edgewater had attracted enough residents to open a post office, school, and a few small stores on 25th Avenue. However, without any public infrastructure, and with a tendency to flood, the Edgewater community was known primarily for its muddiness and saloons, making it difficult to attract wealthier families and quality homes. In an effort to distinguish itself from this identity, Edgewater’s approximately 300 residents narrowly voted in 1901 to incorporate as a City, with official state recognition coming in 1904.

Highlights: Edgewater has regular block parties, which are fun events that are terrific for meeting the neighborhood. This makes the whole community stronger and family-oriented. The place also has its local Farmer’s Market that features local goods and produce.

Neighborhood Hot Spots: