All home sellers should understand that home staging is a necessity. Your real estate agent would this because this is an effective way to wow prospects and get a buyer in the shortest time possible. Prepare your home for resale and make sure to market it by following these smart and easy tips.

Get Rid of Personal Photos
People can be very photogenic, but many clients are distracted by portraits of the sellers, and miss out on key selling points of the home. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional photographer or not because by the end of the day, you’re not showcasing your photos but you’re selling your house.

Make Your House Spotless
The number one rule when it comes to home selling is to make sure that your house is completely clean and de-cluttered. Clutter makes a house look smaller, and if you have a small house, it makes it feel claustrophobic. Not advantageous to a quick or profitable sale.

Make Your Home Smells Good
Making your house look like home isn’t the only way to lure buyers. Making it smell like one can easily create memories that many aspiring homeowners want. You can do this by baking fresh bread or cookies. Putting fresh laundry scent, air fresheners, and vanilla work too!

Paint a Home
A coat or two of paint is always a good investment. If you decide to make the effort, consider flat paint in areas for resting and relaxing. You can add some colors, but neutral is always best. Satin paint is great for common areas and places where there is a bit more action taking place. It’s also easier to clean if someone spills some tomato soup on the wall.

Leave and Let Your Agent Do the Work
No buyers want to discuss your home while you are standing there. On average, clients spend about 20-30 minutes in a home that has some promise; very few stay more than five minutes in a house with the seller in earshot. If nothing else, go outside on the porch or in the yard, and let the home speak for itself.

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