Did you know that a 5% investment in the landscaping of your property could increase its value by as much as 15%? Additionally, great landscaping may reduce the amount of time a home stays on the market by nearly six weeks. Here’s how.

  • Make your square or rectangular yard look more spacious by planting flowerbeds in each corner. This will make the center of your yard appear larger.
  • Revitalize sparse hedges and shrubs by covering their roots and applying fertilizer. Shrubs may become thin when the topsoil from around the roots washes away or diminishes over time.
  • Apply a thin layer of mulch a few inches from the base of the tree. Many people make the mistake of mounding mulch around the base, which may attract pests.
  • Create privacy with large shrubs or trellises covered with climbing vines.
  • Use a simple palette of no more than three colors that complement your home’s color scheme. This ties the space together and improves curb appeal.
  • Focus on the foliage of the plant. Choose plants that have leaves in a variety of shapes, textures and patterns. If you want your landscape to bloom year round, choose plants that bloom at different times of the year.

Even if you’re not thinking of selling now, summer is a great time to spruce up your landscape and make it a place where you enjoy spending time through these awesome tips.